Counselling in Oxford

Counselling for Individuals, &  Relationship Counselling in Oxford (Headington) & Online

Considering counselling is a brave and perhaps daunting and/or confusing thing to do.  Counselling is not easy.  Choosing a counsellor is not easy.  I appreciate that telling me your story is a big deal. 

My extremely positive experience as a client is what has drawn me to become a counsellor.  My experience as a client informs my understanding and accepting approach to being alongside you in sessions.

Why you might be considering Counselling?

Questioning something in your life or even just “a feeling or an anxiety or a low mood” or something else known only to you might be leading you to these profiles.  Sometimes getting along with people and simply existing in the world is hard.  Perhaps your head is telling you one thing but you have a feeling or a sense that all is not well overall.    You may have an idea why or you may not be sure.  Maybe your family history or challenging events from the past are still affecting you to differing extents.  Maybe parenting or work is a struggle.  Working out a way for you to face the future might be tricky.  If you are looking for Counselling in Oxford please keep reading

I’m not sure….

Perhaps reading this and considering coming for Counselling already seems too much.  Talking about things together, Counselling (also known as Therapy) can help you to work out what is going on, why  it’s happening and what you can do about it to sort things out and feel more comfortable.

What is on offer?

I offer patience and understanding, in a confidential safe secure environment. Each person is an individual. We can work on a specific issue, ranging from short term work on a specific problem to longer term exploring wider issues, at a pace that is guided by you.

I work with individuals or couples (or family pairs eg father and son or mother and daughter or work colleagues) and children and teenagers.  I also run Groups for men to sit together without alchohol or sport and get to know each other

I work according to your needs.

About Me

Guy is a BACP Registered Qualified Counsellor with 14 years experience offering Counselling in Oxford, (at Headington)

Please contact me at or 07982 841 829 if you would like to organise an informal first session to discuss your counselling requirements.

Do leave a message, as your contact is important to me.

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(If you are still not sure about contacting…??: Please check the national list of counsellors called “Counselling Directory”)