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The “Generation Gap”

How do we talk across the ages and generations?

“The Generation Gap is an important social tool for any repressive society. If the younger members of a community view the older members as contemptible or suspect or excess, they will never be able to join hands and examine the living memories of the community, nor ask the all important question “Why?”. This gives rise to historical amnesia…………We find ourselves having to repeat and relearn the same old lessons over and over that our mothers did because we do not pass on what we have learned or because we are unable to listen” (Audre Lorde: Sister Outsider)

Unless I specifically seek it out via mens groups, I rarely speak to older males and even less likely older females who are outside of family, or outside of paid relationships like counselling and supervision. I carry a feeling of loss about this.

The gap aslo exists betweeen White and People of Colour.

Why is this? Is it because of unconcsious ageism, racism, fear of strangers, fear of difference, fear of “Other”? I find myself asking do I treat all people the same? How concsious am I of how I might treat people differently?

Counselling provides a space to talk about these sorts of dilemmas