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Do you have a question about Counselling?

I’m sure this website doesn’t have all the answers. Perhaps you are sitting with a question you want answered and aren’t sure what to do next? Can you help me understand what it is like to consider coming to Counselling or asking questions about it?

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Starting Counselling: What is it like?

First session of Counselling. What is it like?

Starting Counselling was the pivoting point of my life. I decided to become a Counsellor as a result of the significance of change that I experienced

The first session is a chance for you to see what it is like to be able to talk and someone listen without interruption or judgement or unwanted advice giving. For some people it might be the first time that they have had an experience of being listened to in an uninterrupted way. If you have a busy life then Counselling can be a time free of distractions where you can check in with yourself.

Counselling can last anything from 1 session to many years. There is no obligation to continue. You can ask questions and have an experience of how it works.

All counsellors can remember what it was like when they went for their own first session of counselling, so are thoughtful and aware that this might be the case for you too.

I offer reduced price first sessions at £30 for individuals and £40 for couples.
Please get back to me with any questions