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Counselling Training Advice

Considering a Counselling Training is a big step with many things to consider.

Financial, emotional, personal, practical.  Much of this can only be learnt when you have already commited to a particular course.   

1 or 2 sessions of discussion about you and your motivations can be helpful to ensure you make more informed choices.

We could make sure you are aware of the following:

– The level of commitment and the demands on you

– Choosing the right modality/type of training

– What you want out of this course now and in the future

– Different routes through training.

– Trainings that are safer bets and trainings that might need to be thought about in more detail

– The balance between Theory and Experiential

– When you gain the qualification what will you actually be able to do and not do?

‘I thought I was a lost cause’: how therapy is failing people of colour

Black and minority ethnic people are more likely to develop mental health conditions but less likely to access counselling – or find it fit for purpose. Are more BME therapists the answer?

I think the interventions and views taken by the therapists in this article are flawed. They were not being led by the clients experience but were trying to impose their own views, which is a mistake.

Placement for Trainee Counsellors in Oxford

Long Term Counselling Placements
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Long Term Counselling Placements for Men & Women Trainee Counsellors in Oxford

Oxford Mens Counselling Service is recruiting trainee counsellors for long term placements. working with Men. Most placements only offer short term work, so this placement offers the benefits of long term work. Free Monthly supervision Groups are also included.

Female and Male trainee counsellors of any modality are invited to contact.

Please contact Will Bentley for further information on 01865 422 363. Please leave a message if necessary