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Guilt vs Shame

Part of being human is our capactity to feel, to have emotions (e-motion… in motion in our bodies)

Often there can be mental confusion about the difference between Guilt (what i’ve done/not done or how I did something) and Shame (how I am as a being/as a person/its me/its my fault).

Guilt vs Shame

Thanks to Pat Ogden for this image

“Soulmates do not exist”. The Surprising rise of (Pre) Wedding Therapy

Interesting Article from the Guardian newspaper about the rise of (Pre) ‘Wedding Therapy’ (ie Couples Counselling) before getting married.

Would you consider Couples Counselling before getting married?

What would the decision to have Counselling before getting married communicate to your partner, to others, to yourself?

The implications of a Wedding and the later commitment it entails are a life changing decision. The gap between how we expect a Relationship to be (fill in your imagined expectations here) and how it actually turns out (fill out your experience here) can sometimes be significant and quite challenging.

Would your PreWedding counselling experience make a difference to your decision to commit? Or if you found difficulties would you simply think things would be different after making the commitment?