Couples Counselling

How do Couples become disconnected from each other?

I appreciate that talking about your Relationship with someone you don’t yet know is hard and that you might not both want to be there. 

My approach is that together we  work to enable you to reconnect.   In order to do this we need to consider the following in your Relationship

  • How you process emotion individually and together
  • How you interact with each other
  • Patterns you are aware of and patterns you may not be aware of
  • Why these patterns make sense/are helpful and also how these patterns could be unhelpful/don’t make sense
  • How you Communicate
  • How you understand and handle vulnerability.  (Vulnerability is taking a risk to say how you really feel and what you really think)
  • How you and your parents interacted and what conscious and unconscious messages you picked up as a result of this

So during a First Session we can talk about your expectations, a bit more about how I work, and practical issues, like time, cost and regularity. We can discuss if having a session each on your own would be of benefit. 

After a few sessions we would then discuss your experience so far and your expectations going forwards.  Six sessions onwards is a good idea to get an idea how things really work and what the next steps would need to be for your Relationship

Relationship counselling doesn’t just need to be for gay or hetero couples in romantic relationship  who are experiencing issues.  It can be for any two adults eg mother and daughter or father and son or siblings or for work colleagues.  It can also be for couples wanting help to separate in the best way possible for the sake of themselves and/or their children. Or for new couples who want to do preventative/understanding type of work

Couples Counselling


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