Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling & Expectations vs Reality

Fairytales and Films mean the messages start young and are everywhere……We expect Relationships to be the easiest thing in the world, but they are actually the hardest.  The gap between how we imagine a relationship will be (easy), and how it actually is (hard) can be huge,  disappointing and demoralising.   Sometimes guidance we so desperately need isn’t available in a meaningful way from family and friends. Couples Counselling can help provide this guidance

It can be a bit difficult knowing where to start, and also a little challenging to consider talking to a counsellor about your relationship.

I help you work on  “The Relationship”.  Together we explore “The Relationship”, rather than you as individuals.  This means we talk about how you interact with each other, how you deal with things together. Also  what patterns exist, what stage your relationship is at, how your histories may be interacting in ways you aren’t aware of.

Stages of a Relationship

A problem or crisis is actually a good thing, and a natural occurence in any relationship that you want to be exceptional.  Crisis is a good thing because it offers an opportunity for open and honest communication.  This can then lead to a deeper/clearer/better understanding of each other.  Moving through stages in a relationship, as follows is quite normal and actually very good for your relationship

Couples counselling can help you navigate these natural stages.  Its also possible that at the end of the process you decide to separate, which might be the correct thing for both of you.  At least the decision you make is more informed, and less reactionary

Relationship counselling doesn’t just need to be for gay or hetero couples in romantic relationship  who are experiencing issues.  It can be for any two adults eg mother and daughter or father and son or siblings or for work colleagues.  It can also be for couples wanting help to separate in the best way possible for the sake of themselves and/or their children. Or for new couples who want to do preventative/understanding type of work

We would meet for one session and then decide next steps during that session

Couples Counselling


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