Working on yourself in a Group

***New Men only Group starting in September 2022 Monday pm. Please contact for further info****

Meeting an individual counsellor may not be affordable for you. Or your therapist or friend might have suggested the benefits of being part of a group alongside other (perhaps individual) work you are doing

Therapy Groups exist for alcoholism and drug addiction and possibly in the NHS for anxiety and depression (ie based around a particular subjects) but there is not a culture or history of counselling groups in the UK for people who want to learn more about themselves generally in an affordable way but are not included in the above particular groups.

What happens when you are in a Group? There are many ways to answer this……..

-You might find yourself taking the position in the group that you took in your family eg peacemaker, supporter, provoker, quiet one, noisy one, leader, sad one, entertainer….(fill in your role in your family here…!).

-Generally everyone starts off being cautious and wondering if the group is safe. (we hide behind our unconcious masks) As time goes on people start to come out from behind their masks and reveal their true selves and their true potential to express themselves. This can be summarised as an experience of how to be vulnerable and open and take risks or not as your system allows.

-There is a mixture of your process, group process and the interactions between group members

-With very structured groups there may not be much interaction between group members. With the sort of group i’m offering there is plenty of space for interaction. Of course you can tell your story as and when you wish to and reveal as much or as little as you wish.

These groups are NOT 1 to 1 therapy conducted with everyone watching you. They are more shared and interactive.

Low cost Therapy Groups might be a possible option for you. Thursday mornings at 9.30am is the time for this group. Two colleagues are running groups starting at 7pm on Thursdays also, please contact me if either of these two options are of interest.

The groups cost £20 for 90 minutes and would have betwween 6 and 12 people in them. Each group runs for ten weeks and new members need to wait until the next 10 week cycle before they can join (ie the group is a closed group once it has started a ten week cycle).

In September 2022 I will be starting a fornightly Group for Men only on Mondays at 5.30pm. Please contact me if that is of interest

For more infomation about the groups please contact me via this link

Or Look at this link here from the OTS website