The first step is an initial meeting between us

How we get along together has been proven to be the key factor in whether therapy will be helpful for you.

Do you know if you will feel comfortable?
How do we know if we can work together?

We will then  know if I am the best person to help you

I offer a reduced rate 50 minute initial meeting for £30 (£40 for couples)  where we can meet for the first time,  I can listen to your story and you can ask any questions. Then we can see how we feel at the end of the session.   If you are still uncertain then we can meet for a second time, or I can suggest another counsellor to help you. I want to ensure that you find the best person to help you, even if that is not me.

Fees thereafter are between £50 and £70 for individuals

Ongoing fees for Couples range between £60 and £100 depending on session length

To make an appointment you can either:

I may not always be able to pick up if you ring, so please do leave a message. (I will get back to you within 24 hours).


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5 Minutes walk across Bury Knowle Park from Headington