What are the Different types (Modalities) of Counselling?

There are three Main overall Theories of Counselling

  1. Psychoanalytic
  2. Behavioural
  3. Humanistic

You will see many many other different labels or names for the type of Counselling that is being offered, but generally speaking each of these modalities or types that an individual therapist wiill offer will fall under one of these above three Theories/Heading

1) Psychoanalytic. 2) Behavioural. 3) Humanistic also emerged in this order in history.

1) Psychoanalytic includes – Psychodynamic

2) Behavioural includes: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

3) Humanistic includes: Person Centred, Transpersonal

This division is a little simplistic because many therapies have aspects of more than one theory in them.

There is also the question of “Integrative”? This means the therapist works in a way that uses all three Theories

The Relationship: Research has shown that the theory and type of Counselling is less important than the Relationship that forms between client and therapist. This means, how you trust or not, how you experience each other, how you interact, and the balance between risk and safety (to name a few)

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